Applicants can procure their Cisco confirmations by finishing explicit prerequisites, which incorporates passing at least one related tests. During the test, competitors may experience various kinds of inquiries including numerous decision single answer, different decision various answers, and recreations.

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300-550 Exam Sample Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

Which YANG statement defines a block of other statements that can be easily referenced in other areas of a data model?

A. grouping
B. container
C. submodule
D. module

Answer: D

Question No 2:

Which two statements about OpenFlow are true? (Choose two.)

A. The OpenFlow flow table contains header fields, counters, and actions.
B. OpenFlow automatically determines network forwarding rules.
C. OpenFlow interfaces with the management plane.
D. OpenFlow is a southbound protocol.
E. OpenFlow is an agentless technology, like Ansible.
F. OpenFlow is a northbound protocol.

Answer: A D

Question No 3:

YANG modeling supports which two comment styles? (Choose two.)

A. A block comment is enclosed within “<–” and “—>”.
B. A single-line comment starts with “#” and ends at the end of the line.
C. A single-line comment starts with “!” and ends at the end of the line.
D. A block comment is enclosed within “/” and “/”.
E. A single-line comment starts with “//” and ends at the end of the line.

Answer: D E

Question No 4:

Cisco APIC-EM is used to add a network-wide marking policy for Cisco Spark users who are connected to a Cisco Catalyst 6500 device. After this change, wireless users complain about a delay in other applications.
What is a possible reason this delay?

A. The DSCP-to-CoS mappings were configured incorrectly.
B. The policy was also deployed to the WLAN controller and overrode the policies of other applications.
C. You cannot automate policy for more than one real-time application at a time.
D. Policy automation cannot be deployed for wireless and wired elements at the same time.

Answer: D