Microsoft closes support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2

From today, Microsoft never again underpins Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Ventures as yet running Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 should purchase Extended Security Updates that incorporate arrangement of Security Updates and Bulletins appraised “basic” and “significant,” for a limit of three years after January 14, 2020.

On-premise clients should pay roughly 75% of the on-premises permit cost yearly for ESUs. Clients running Windows Server or SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 in an Azure Virtual Machine will get Extended Security Updates for nothing.

Microsoft is prescribing clients to change to Azure for running their Windows Server remaining tasks at hand. Windows Server outstanding tasks at hand can be sent in Azure in different ways, for example, Virtual Machines on Azure, Azure VMware Solutions and Azure Dedicated Host. Endeavors can likewise utilize the Azure Hybrid Benefit to utilize their current Windows Server licenses in Azure. Utilizing this alternative enables them to spare 40 percent in cost. Ventures who need to remain on-premises should update their servers to Windows Server 2019.

200-310 Exam Sample Questions Answers

Undertaking conditions require systems intended for execution, accessibility, and adaptability with the adaptability to fulfill quickly advancing needs. To address these difficulties head on, gifted IT experts are required with state-of-the-art, basic system structure abilities. For organize configuration engineers, framework architects, and deals specialists and people hoping to fabricate and approve Cisco arrange structure central information the Cisco CCDA accreditation program centers around plan procedures and destinations, tending to and steering conventions, and system extension contemplation inside fundamental grounds, server farm, security, voice, and remote systems.

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200-310 Exam Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

AWS Braket offers clients the chance to investigate various ways as for an extent of quantum count gear

A standard Layer 2 campus network design is pictured. Which numbered box represents the core layer?

A. #1
B. #2
C. #3
D. #4
E. #5

Answer: D, E

Question No 2:

Which Cisco security mechanism has the attributes listed below?

• it is a sensor appliance
• it searches for potential attacks by capturing and analyzing traffic
• it is a “purpose-built device”
• it is installed passively
• it introduces no delay or overhead


Answer: D

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SPLK-2002 Exam Sample Questions Answers

A Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect has an exhaustive comprehension of Splunk Deployment Methodology and best-rehearses for arranging, information accumulation, and measuring for an appropriated arrangement and can oversee and investigate a standard circulated sending with indexer and search head grouping. This affirmation shows a person’s capacity to convey, oversee, and investigate complex Splunk Enterprise situations.

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SPLK-2002 Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

The guidance Splunk gives for estimating size on for syslog data is 50% of original data size. How does this divide between files in the index?

A. rawdata is: 10%, tsidx is: 40%
B. rawdata is: 15%, tsidx is: 35%
C. rawdata is: 35%, tsidx is: 15%
D. rawdata is: 40%, tsidx is: 10%

Answer: B

Question No 2:

Which of the following tasks should the architect perform when building a deployment plan? (Select all that apply.)

A. Use case checklist.
B. Install Splunk apps.
C. Inventory data sources.
D. Review network topology.

Answer: D

Question No 3:

What is the default log size for Splunk internal logs?

A. 10MB
B. 20 MB
C. 25MB
D. 30MB

Answer: C

Question No 4:

The KV store forms its own cluster within a SHC. What is the maximum number of SHC members KV store will form?

A. 25
B. 50
C. 100
D. Unlimited

Answer: D

Question No 5:

Which of the following commands is used to clear the KV store?

A. splunk clean kvstore
B. splunk clear kvstore
C. splunk delete kvstore
D. splunk reinitialize kvstore

Answer: A

SPLK-1003 Exam Questions

SPLK-1001 Dumps

71300X Exam Sample Questions Answers

The Avaya Aura® Communication Applications Integration Exam (71300X) is a necessity to gain the ACIS – Avaya Aura ® Communication Applications accreditation.

This test has 70 inquiries and the base passing score is 63% (44 of 70 right). The applicant has an hour and a half to finish this test.

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Question Answers:

Question No 1:

If more than one Avaya Breeze™ node is available in the cluster, which statement about redundancy and load-balancing is true?

A. IM clients point to any Avaya Breeze™ node SM100 IP address. The client is dynamically informed of alternate Avaya Breeze™ nodes in the cluster.
B. The list of all Avaya Breeze™ nodes SM100 IP addresses must be configured in the client.
C. The Cluster IP address is not used for Presence Services in 7.0. IM clients configure a FQDN instead of IP address which is resolved by a DNS server to all Avaya Breeze™ nodes in the cluster.
D. IM clients point to the Leader Avaya Breeze™ node SM100 IP address which redirects the clients to a particular Avaya Breeze™ node based on load-balancing policy.

Answer: D

Question No 2:

An Avaya Aura® Messaging (AAM) server intended to store Voice Messages in Avaya Message Store Mode, and you are configuring that server for integration with an Avaya Aura® Core.

In Messaging Administration > Server Settings > Server Role/AxC Address, which Server Role must be chosen at the “Roles for this server” field?

A. Application Only
B. Storage Only
C. Storage & Application

Answer: C

Question No 3:

On Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE), which statement about how to examine messages with Wireshark is true?

A. You have to start and stop the .pcap file using command line.
B. You can start and stop a Packet Capture in the EMS web GUI and then you can open the .pcap file with Wireshark.
C. Wireshark runs directly on Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE).
D. They cannot be examined on this version.

Answer: B

Disney CEO Bob Iger leaves from his Apple load up seat

Disney CEO Bob Iger has sat on Apple’s board since 2011, however that residency reached an end this month, as per a SEC recording Apple made on Friday. The documenting says that Iger left Apple’s board on September 10, the day that Apple declared the evaluating and dispatch date for Apple TV+.

It has been a remarkable benefit to have served on the Apple board for a long time, and I have the most extreme regard for Tim Cook, his group at Apple and for my individual load up individuals. Apple is one of the world’s most appreciated organizations, known for the quality and respectability of its items and its kin and I am everlastingly thankful to have filled in as an individual from the organization’s board.

Iger’s situation on the load up turned into a subject of dialog and hypothesis after Apple and Disney both declared spilling TV benefits that will dispatch near a similar time, at comparative value focuses—however neither Iger nor Apple have shared any explanation with regards to the purpose behind the renunciation.

All things considered, it may be a span to outline Disney+ and Apple TV+ as immediate contenders at present. For a certain something, numerous shoppers buy in to different spilling administrations, and that training is probably going to turn out to be significantly more the standard later on amusement scene.

For another, Apple TV+ is at present an unobtrusively estimated gathering of recently created arrangement, though Disney+ joins the monstrous back indexes of huge numbers of the world’s greatest excitement organizations with an undeniably increasingly powerful lineup of new arrangement and movies. One is boutique; the other isn’t. What’s more, there have been numerous past occasions of an official, board part, or other figure contributing to various satellite TV stations on the double, claimed by various organizations. It’s misty how this varies.

The move could give an insight as to Apple’s future desire, in any case. At this moment, Apple TV+’s system is little in degree—at any rate contrasted with present and future contributions from Disney, Netflix, and WarnerMedia. In any case, this move may recommend that Apple considers its to be as something that will turn out to be in excess of an engaged specialty later on.

SPLK-1001 Exam Sample Questions Answers

A Splunk Core Certified User can look, use fields, make cautions, use look-ups, and make essential factual reports and dashboards in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud stages. This section level accreditation shows a person’s fundamental capacity to explore and utilize Splunk programming.

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SPLK-1001 Exam Questions Answers:

Question No 1

What syntax is used to link key/value pairs in search strings?

A. Parentheses
B. @ or # symbols
C. Quotation marks
D. Relational operators such as =, <, or >

Answer: D

Question No 2:

It is no possible for a single instance of Splunk to manage the input, parsing and indexing of machine data.

A. True
B. False

Answer: B

Question No 3:

Which statement is true about Splunk alerts?

A. Alerts are based on searches that are either run on a scheduled interval or in real-time
B. Alerts are based on searches and when triggered will only send an email notification.
C. Alerts are based on searches and require cron to run on scheduled interval
D. Alerts are based on searches that are run exclusively as real-time

Answer: D

300-550 Exam Sample Questions Answers

Applicants can procure their Cisco confirmations by finishing explicit prerequisites, which incorporates passing at least one related tests. During the test, competitors may experience various kinds of inquiries including numerous decision single answer, different decision various answers, and recreations.

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300-550 Exam Sample Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

Which YANG statement defines a block of other statements that can be easily referenced in other areas of a data model?

A. grouping
B. container
C. submodule
D. module

Answer: D

Question No 2:

Which two statements about OpenFlow are true? (Choose two.)

A. The OpenFlow flow table contains header fields, counters, and actions.
B. OpenFlow automatically determines network forwarding rules.
C. OpenFlow interfaces with the management plane.
D. OpenFlow is a southbound protocol.
E. OpenFlow is an agentless technology, like Ansible.
F. OpenFlow is a northbound protocol.

Answer: A D

Question No 3:

YANG modeling supports which two comment styles? (Choose two.)

A. A block comment is enclosed within “<–” and “—>”.
B. A single-line comment starts with “#” and ends at the end of the line.
C. A single-line comment starts with “!” and ends at the end of the line.
D. A block comment is enclosed within “/” and “/”.
E. A single-line comment starts with “//” and ends at the end of the line.

Answer: D E

Question No 4:

Cisco APIC-EM is used to add a network-wide marking policy for Cisco Spark users who are connected to a Cisco Catalyst 6500 device. After this change, wireless users complain about a delay in other applications.
What is a possible reason this delay?

A. The DSCP-to-CoS mappings were configured incorrectly.
B. The policy was also deployed to the WLAN controller and overrode the policies of other applications.
C. You cannot automate policy for more than one real-time application at a time.
D. Policy automation cannot be deployed for wireless and wired elements at the same time.

Answer: D

Enphase, AAR, Science Application, Cisco and Microsoft featured as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

Enphase Energy is a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) that sports the sort of uniqueness that I want to find in the Zacks Style Scores. I am about development, and I realize that worth financial specialists and development speculators are quite often searching for various things. ENPH has an A for Growth and a D for Value, so I realize I am on the correct way. We should investigate how the stock accomplished the best Zacks Rank.


Enphase Energy, Inc. conveys microinverter innovation for the sun powered industry, which builds profitability and dependability of sunlight based modules. The Company fabricates a semiconductor-based microinverter framework that changes over direct flow power to rotating flow power at the individual sun powered module level. Enphase sells its microinverter frameworks principally to wholesalers who exchange them to sun oriented installers. It likewise sells legitimately to installers, just as through unique hardware makers. Enphase Energy, Inc. is headquartered in Petaluma, California.

Profit History

The profit history is alright, two beats are the bookends of a meet and a miss. So not incredible using any and all means, however not awful.

Gauge Revisions

Evaluations are streaming higher, yet not flooding… with the goal that implies there is opportunity to get better and that helps our story.


The valuation is firm however justified, despite all the trouble. A 37x forward numerous is difficult to accept as is 153x book. The top line development is 43% and that is extraordinary to see just like the steady improvement in edges.

Bear of the Day:

AAR Corp is a Zacks Rank #5 (Strong Sell) and today is the Bear of the Day. Periodically you will consider the To be of the Day as a feeble name that has assessments falling after a progression of income misses. This isn’t the situation for AIR, which has a strong history of beating the number and has seen a gentle lessening in assessments.


AAR Corp. is a free supplier of aeronautics administrations to business and government clients. AAR Corp. reseller’s exchange ability and grant winning arrangements help clients increment effectiveness and diminish costs while keeping up elevated amounts of value, administration and wellbeing. AAR Corp. are a confided in accomplice to aircrafts, militaries and OEMs conveying aggressiveness so they can concentrate on moving travelers, freight and parts the world over.

Beating The Number

A speedy check of the profit history demonstrates that AIR has topped the Zacks Consensus Estimate in every one of the last four quarters. This isn’t something we see all the ideal opportunity for a Bear of the Day.

Evaluations Fall Slightly

The Zacks Rank spotlights on profit gauge modifications, and AIR has a couple of negative amendments for this quarter, next quarter and the entire year. This quarter has seen a two penny decline, down to $0.53. Next quarter has additionally come in, yet by four pennies to $0.62 from $0.66.

The entire year 2019 gauge is the place we see the greatest move. The Zacks Consensus Estimate has dropped from $2.73 to $2.58 in the course of the most recent 30 days and that will cause the Zacks Rank to slide.


This stock may approve of the lower appraises as the forward PE of 16x is really appealing given the 18% top line development rate. A 1.6x book likewise looks great to me, however some ongoing shortcoming in net edges should be redressed.

3 Tech Stocks for Dividend Investors to Buy in July

Super top tech stocks helped drive the amazing first 50% of 2019, and the more extensive industry is probably going to fuel the business sectors for quite a long time to come. All things considered, financial specialists who need to be a piece of the innovation business don’t simply need to look for high-flying development stocks. Rather, tech-disapproved of speculators can remove a page from the salary contributing book and spotlight on organizations with strong profits—that have become regardless.

Finding a solid profit yielding tech stock may appear to be troublesome, yet financial specialists ought not feel excessively scared. For instance, Apple and a portion of the other greatest names in tech, pay profits. Furthermore, profit centered financial specialists can scan for the best tech stocks by utilizing the Zacks Stock Screener, which is an extraordinary one-quit screening apparatus for speculators of different types.

By constraining our pursuit to organizations in our “PC and Technology” segment with Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) or better rankings, we can guarantee that we are finding the most astounding quality stocks to purchase at this moment. Toss in your favored profit yield and you will discover probably the best tech stocks for profit financial specialists to target.

With all that stated, look at these three profit paying tech stocks to consider purchasing…

  • Science Applications International Corp.

Science Applications International Corporation is an innovation integrator that gives IT, building, and mission arrangements and works over the protection, insight, non military personnel, and space segments. The Reston, Virginia-Headquartered firm, which holds a market top of $5.1 billion, has contracts with numerous parts of the U.S. military. In January, the firm formally reported the endorsement to purchase rival taxpayer driven organizations supplier Engility to help reinforce its business in the midst of expanding combination in the bigger protection temporary worker industry.

SAIC stock has hopped 36% in 2019 to outplace its industry’s 22% normal trip. Looking forward, our current Zacks Consensus Estimates require the organization to post Q2 income of $1.64 billion, which would check a 47% move from the year-back period. This development is relied upon to help lift balanced Q2 profit by 12.4%. In the interim, the company’s entire year EPS figure is anticipated to pop 9% on 41% higher income. SAIC has additionally observed its income corrections pattern all the more intensely upward as of late to enable it to gain a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy). Science Applications International additionally brags “B” grades for both Value and Momentum and an “A” for Growth in our Style Scores framework. SAIC raised its latest quarterly payout to $0.37 per share, up from $0.31 and has a profit yield of 1.72% right now.

  • Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco is falling off a more grounded than-anticipated Q3 of financial 2019 that helped it raise its final quarter standpoint. The memorable systems administration power has extended its IoT business as of late so as to all the more likely contend going ahead. On July 9, Cisco declared its arrangement to purchase Acacia Communications for $2.6 billion to enable it to satisfy uplifted execution needs. The move is a piece of a progression of acquisitions in the course of the last serval years. Portions of the San Jose, California-headquartered firm have climbed 33% in 2019 to outpace its industry’s 28% trip and the S&P 500’s 18% move. CSCO stock as of now floats simply off its 52-week high at around $57.81 per share.

Cisco paid a quarterly profit of $0.35 an offer the last two time frames, up from $0.33 per quarter in schedule year 2018. CSCO’s new quarterly payout additionally denoted a 20% expansion from its 2017 profit. The systems administration mammoth is as of now a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) and sports a profit yield of 2.42%. Cisco’s balanced Q4 EPS figure is anticipated to hop over 17% on 4.2% higher income. The organization’s present entire year profit—due out on August 14–are anticipated to climb 18.5%, with deals set to pop 5.1%. This primary concern quality is then anticipated to proceed in 2020, with balanced income expected to climb 11.4% higher than our 2019 gauge.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft stock hit another high of $140.65 per share during morning exchanging Friday after the tech powerhouse posted superior to anticipated quarterly outcomes after the end chime Thursday. The company’s Intelligent Cloud was by and by the superstar, as Q4 2019 unit income flooded 19% to $11.4 billion, with Azure up 64%. The association’s venture into distributed computing has seen it contend legitimately with industry monster Amazon. Then, its Office, Windows, and gaming organizations have kept on developing also. MSFT stock is presently up over 36% in 2019 and Microsoft is right now the world’s most important open organization with a market top over $1 trillion.

Microsoft pays an annualized profit of $1.84 an offer right now, with a 1.35% yield. Microsoft’s present profit spoke to a 9.5% hop from the earlier year’s quarterly payout. Looking forward, MSFT’s financial 2020 and 2021 income are both anticipated to move by generally 10%. In the interim, balanced income are anticipated to bounce over 7% in its current financial year and 13.5% higher in the next year. Microsoft is a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) that additionally shakes “B” grades for Growth and Momentum in our Style Scores framework. Regardless of its great trip, MSFT stock is exchanging at a markdown contrasted with its industry’s 29.5X normal at 26.6X forward year income gauges.

Searching for Stocks with Skyrocketing Upside?

Zacks has quite recently discharged a Special Report on the blasting speculation chances of legitimate maryjane.

Touched off by new submissions and enactment, this industry is required to impact from an effectively vigorous $6.7 billion to $20.2 billion out of 2021. Early financial specialists remain to rake in huge profits, yet you must be prepared to act and realize exactly where to look

Past execution is no assurance of future outcomes. Innate in any speculation is the potential for loss.This material is being accommodated educational purposes just and nothing in this establishes venture, legitimate, bookkeeping or expense counsel, or a suggestion to purchase, sell or hold a security. No proposal or exhortation is being offered regarding whether any venture is

Cisco Webex to Reunite Lunar Landing Team for 50th Anniversary

Neil Armstrong’s initial steps on the moon are recognized as ostensibly the best accomplishment of humankind. Saturday the twentieth of July will check 50 years to the day when a blend of gigantic venture and mechanical advancement enabled people to stroll on another planet just because. So later today Cisco will make its most bleeding edge Webex Meetings innovation accessible to associate the globe to join the groups who made this conceivable. NASA are a current Cisco Webex client and coordinators of a commemoration function that will occur in Florida today around evening time will use the Cisco innovation to associate Apollo colleagues around the globe.

Essentially the group of three space explorers; Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins, ring a bell when we recall Apollo 11 yet in all actuality the accomplishment was just tried and the inclusion of around 400,000 individuals down on Earth. Three worldwide areas were critical to the mission’s prosperity; the dispatch site at the Kennedy Space Center, Image and Mission Trackers in Australia, and the recuperation group on board the USS Hornet in San Francisco Bay.

Cisco and Buzz Aldrin Family Foundation will utilize Webex to associate the three basic areas with the goal that faculty from each group can reconnect, think back and ponder the cooperation that got man on the moon. UC Today addressed Aruna Ravichandran, Cisco’s Vice President of Marketing for Collaboration, to discover more.

“We chose to cooperate with the Buzz Aldrin Family Foundation to unite the majority of the general population who were a piece of this tremendous crossroads ever.”

The Kennedy Space Center will have The Apollo 50th Gala later on this evening to pay praise to the mind blowing accomplishment that Apollo 11 spoke to. The dispatch occurred from the site 50 years back at 13:32 UTC. In excess of 500 visitors will be in participation including Apollo 11’s Command Module Pilot, Mike Collins, who circled the moon in the direction module Colombia, while Aldrin and Armstrong took the monster jump for humankind onto the moon’s surface.

An Astronaut board will happen during the night with the goal that individuals from each group can examine and review the various periods of the mission. This likely could be the first occasion when that individuals from each group have all been associated at any one time.

“”We feel exceptionally humble that we could collaborate with the Foundation and help them make this sort of get-together conceivable. It’s an incredible case of how with cooperation you can accomplish anything.”

Apollo 11 depended on the noteworthy occasion being communicated and after that handed-off to Earth and this required radio telescopes over the globe. One of these telescopes close Canberra in Australia was the first to get and after that hand-off the memorable TV pictures of space explorer Neil Armstrong going to the Moon. A portion of the Australian team in charge of following the mission’s advancement and guaranteeing the recording was seen all inclusive were; John Saxon, Mike Dinn and Hamish Lindsay. The three will show up for all intents and purposes at the affair utilizing Webex Meetings innovation.

At long last the indispensable group who guaranteed the space explorers were securely recuperated after their arrival to Earth will likewise be utilizing Webex to join the nights festivities at the function. The USS Hornet was positioned in San Francisco Bay to encourage the recuperation task and Larry Silva, Sergeant Joe Holt and John McLachlan, from the Underwater Demolition Team, will all show up at the occasion by means of Webex.

“At Webex we are incredibly energetic about cooperation and this is plainly an astounding case of collaboration, despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, making the unimaginable conceivable.”

The Lunar landing spoke to the summit of enormous mechanical advancement and a significant number of the tech improvements we have seen from that point forward draw some motivation from frameworks utilized during the Apollo missions. Cisco, who consistently means to be at the front line of innovation, value this and perceive the hugeness of this enormous milestone.

“Consider the innovative headways we have made since Apollo 11 and now consider what we can do later on.”

“Joint effort instruments like Webex can engage and interface anybody whether they are on Earth now, or possibly later on the moon!”

Cisco will likewise be utilizing Webex to guarantee that you can join the fun as well. You can watch the get-together live here beginning tomorrow at 02:00am UK time.

Cisco intends to gain Acacia Communications in a $2.6 billion arrangement

Cisco intends to procure Acacia Communications for $70 per share in real money in a $2.6 billion arrangement on a completely weakened premise, the organizations declared Tuesday.

Acacia was up over 35% Tuesday, adding nearly $700 million to its market top, which is currently near $2 billion. Cisco offers climbed marginally.

The obtaining will improve Cisco’s optical frameworks portfolio, as indicated by an official statement. Acacia is a systems administration organization that is as of now a provider for Cisco.

The arrangement is relied upon to shut in the second 50% of Cisco’s financial year 2020, as indicated by the declaration. Acacia representatives will turn out to be a piece of Cisco’s Optical Systems and Optics business upon the nearby, the organizations said.

A year ago, Cisco reported plans in August to procure cloud-based cybersecurity firm Duo Security for $2.35 billion in real money and stock. In December, Cisco said it wanted to secure semiconductor organization Luxtera for $660 million in real money and accepted value.